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Over the next few months Desert Son Community Church (DSCC) will refocus our small group perspective to one that better reflects our ministry goals.

One of the first steps will be to change the name of Small Groups to LIFE Groups. We believe this name change best reflects our goals and purpose.

We will use the acronym: LIFE. It stands for:

Loving Each Other

One of the key aspects of our LIFE Groups is love. DSCC is filled with people who love God and love each other. One of the best ways to feel this love is to participate in a LIFE Group setting. It is our hope every person in DSCC will plug into a LIFE Group and will share and receive God’s love.

Investigating God’s Word

Though not the primary goal, LIFE Groups help people investigate God’s word together. A lot of DSCC discipleship occurs in Life Groups as people ask life questions and explore biblical truth.

Fellowshipping Together

Today, more than ever, people can feel totally isolated as email, texting, cell phones and social media replaces real face-to -face interactions. DSCC LIFE Groups change all that. Our groups are fun, engaging, and result in fantastic fellowship opportunities.

Evangelizing Our Community

One of the core principles of LIFE Groups is replication. Everything that lives grows and then creates off-spring. It is exciting to see DSCC LIFE Groups grow to the point they have to form two LIFE Groups. This healthy division is the best way to build the world-wide church, plant offspring, and win our community for Jesus Christ.

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